The Secret of looking great (part 1): “Someone gets me a magic wand!”

The Secret of looking great (part 1): “Someone gets me a magic wand!”

The other day I was talking to a little girl about how amazing it would be to have a magic wand. She asked me what I would do if I had such a thing.

Immediately and with no hesitation, I said that I would use the magic wand to look pretty everyday.

You see, for me, it’s a pain to get ready and look presentable, and natural, every morning; and, although I like doing my hair and make-up, it takes time!
But I want to look good so I do it.

Wouldn’t it be great if owning a magic wand could become reality?
I could live in my pyjamas and then, when ready to go: Ta-Dah! The magic wand would do all the work for me -kind of Cinderella getting ready for the ball!
I’d look beautifully coiffed and radiant instantly, with NO EFFORT.
And at the week end, my magic wand would beautify me again for that special party I’m invited to. Of course, it would read my mind about how exactly I’d like to look!

Could you imagine owning a magic wand that would make you look perfect (that is: the very best version of yourself)!
Try to picture how your life would be if you felt pretty everyday?

I have come to discover three mental blocks that keep most people from believing in Magic, let’s find out what they are here.

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