The Secret of looking great (part 2):  “Do you feel beautiful?”

The Secret of looking great (part 2): “Do you feel beautiful?”


In a study conducted with over thousands of women from ten countries around the world, only 2% consider themselves beautiful.
They also found that UK ranks at the third highest level of dissatisfaction when it comes to physical appearance -after Japan (1st) and Brazil (2nd).
I am shocked.

Well, let me tell you a word:

You might not be everybody’s cup of tea but…that being said is everybody to your particular taste?

Has this ever happened to you? Someone is looking at you on the tube and you’re wondering why because you feel all flushed and sweaty. All you can think of is: do I have something odd on my face? And why do we say: “Oh, he’s my type of guy”?
Because we’re all attracted by something different like personal style, hair or eyes… Or it might be that unconsciously, this person reminds us of someone else we once liked or loved.


We all have our days when we look and feel better than others!
You’ve had all your life to examine your face from every angle. You see every bit of your face separately, whilst the rest of the world sees the whole thing blending seamlessly together.

And have you even noticed how differently you perceive someone, when you actually get to know him or her?


Would you like to look like everybody else, or plain so nobody remembers you?
Your flaws are what make you unique and so charming.

Do not judge yourself on appearance,  you’re a nice person and it shows on your face!
your life shows on your face

Roald Dahl  sums it all up perfectly: “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Some people are attracted to you because they see something special in you. They might like you because you have a bubbly, happy personality or because you’re the quiet, intriguing type.

Just be You.
You are beautiful and you can feel it, when you allow yourself to.
And, with a little help you could truly radiate!

Stay tuned to discover the secret of celebrities to looking great.

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